At the age of 16 in 1993, during his studies, he was mixing at the Palace and in most of the parisian clubs
(Rex, Queen, Elysée Montmartre…).

In 1996 he started composing different projects. MALT with ALEXKID and MARK CLEMENT on Sony Music.
He participates at the creation of the « Rue du Louvre » label in 1999 with Tidalwave UK.

Now and then Dj resident at « Open House » and « Mon Chéri(e) » parties in various famous places in Paris,
he is welcomed a bit everywhere for his variety sets, for instance on the openings of ST GERMAIN Tourist on Tour 2000 (Zenith Paris, Belgium…), at MONTREAL for the World Day of Peace
and also at the Olympia with DIMITRI FROM PARIS
Thanks to his productions and his mixes he plays in many international towns : NEW YORK, GENEVA, LONDON, AMSTERDAM…

In 2004 he founds « JUSTHOUSE » label, « Kibontemps », his first EP solo on the label was warm fully welcomed by GILLES PETERSON and was selected masterpiece of the year on the BBC.
He also collaborates at FUNK WAREZ with PASCAL R (Impulsion / Wall of sound).
Their last maxi single « Party EP » has known a big success among djs like GENE FARRIS, DJ SNEAK and TONY HUMPHRIES.

In 2010 he started a SOUND DESIGN SECTION FOR BRANDS working for companies like JAGUAR, AIR FRANCE, LEXUS, RED BULL…

He now lives at the Reunion island where he just finished « ST GERMAIN – Real Blues » remixes
and is working on a Créole/house project.

A new release on Justhouse Label is also coming soon.